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“Of course it cannot be expected that the whole body of any people will study international law; but a sufficient number can readily become sufficiently familiar with it to lead and form public opinion in every community in our country upon all important international questions as they arise.”

Elihu Root, The Need of Popular Understanding of International Law, 1 AJIL 1, 3

Welcome to the International Law Observer, a blog dedicated to reports, commentary and the discussion of topical issues of public international law and EC/EU-law.

The International Law Observer is a blog created and maintained by a group of researchers active in the field of international law. It addresses itself to students, academics, practitioners and anyone else who might be interested in the subjects dealt with on the blog.


It is the express aspiration of the authors of the International Law Observer to promote the critical debate on up-to-date legal developments within these fields of law, by reporting on recent developments in the academic field, informing on influential case-law of international tribunals, presenting international custom and important legislation by international organizations and introducing new publications and assessing their potential effects in law, politics and the academic world.


Traditional legal publications, as well as conferences, seminars and symposia are important and frequently used fora for the exchange of ideas between legal scholars and practitioners. However, these communication channels usually require time-consuming preparatory work, editorial review and provide only limited space for the presentation of ideas. They are thus inadeuate for addressing and drawing attention to recent and up-to-date developments. By choosing the platform of a weblog (blog) we intend to elude this deficiency.

The International Law Observer is intended to be an active Blog used as an interactive platform for the open discussion and publication of observations on international law. Moreover, the International Law Observer is supposed to function as a source of interaction between the authors and the readers, by enabling both to post personal reflections and considerations. Hereby the blog may contribute to a multi-faceted view on up-to-date developments in international law, which has rewarding implications for the legal discourse at large.

Editorial Board

Dr. Dominik Zimmermann, LL.M. – [Website] (currently not serving as editor)
Dr. Gentian Zyberi – [Website]


Dr. Fozia Nazir Lone – [Website]
Innocent Mawire – [Website]
Mikkel Jarle Christensen – [Website] [Twitter]
James Harrison – [Website]
Dr. Ole Windahl Pedersen – [Website]
Jody M. Prescott – [Website]
Salma Yusuf – [Website]
Valentina Azarov – [Website]

Student Editors

Christina Kokali
Duy-Lam Nguyen
Gayane Nuridzhanyan


Alla Pozdņakova – [Website]
David McGrogan – [Website]
Franz Christian Ebert – [Website]
Jan Kittrich
– [Website]
Jennifer Dee Halbert – [Website]
Jernej Letnar Černič – [Website]
Lawrence Hill-Cawthorne – [Website]
Maja Smrkolj – [Website]
Mark Klamberg – [Website]
Michèle Morel – [Website]
Rain Liivoja
– [Website]


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