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Oxford University Press has launched ‘Oxford International Organizations’

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Oxford International Organizations

 Instant online access to primary materials and essential analysis on the law of international organizations:

  • One-stop online resource for researchers to access a full overview of the legal frameworks, processes, and impact of organizations
  • Launching with over 150 commentaries and documents with continuous updates
  • Includes materials on UN, WHO, IMF, and World Bank
  • Now freely available online until 30th June 2018

 Oxford University Press has recently launched Oxford International Organizations (OXIO), a new addition to the Oxford Public International Law family. It is the first and only online resource to bring together all essential materials from a global range of international organizations, combined with expert analysis and powerful search functionality, for extensive comparative research.

 OXIO collects and analyses primary materials on international organizations (IOs), ranging from their constituent instruments, resolutions, agreements with host states, to national and international court decisions and states’ declarations and policy statements. The resource includes materials on giants such as UN, WHO, IMF, and World Bank, as well as lesser-known and regional organizations.

 Developed in partnership with the Editors-in-Chief Professors Jean d’Aspremont (University of Manchester and Sciences Po Paris), Catherine Brölmann (University of Amsterdam), and Iain Scobbie (University of Manchester), with Managing Editor Gail Lythgoe (University of Glasgow), OXIO launches with over 150 commentaries and accompanying documents. A further 150-200 will be added every year in rolling updates to give researchers access to a full overview of the legal frameworks, processes, and impact of a growing range of organizations. Every commentary includes all the key information about each document and an overview of the core issues at stake, together with expert analysis of the background, significance, and impact of the document.

 The resource will be continuously expanded with new materials to give researchers a full overview of:

  • Legal frameworks
  • Processes (internal procedures and their external impact)
  • Primary materials
  • Expert analysis
  • Impact of a growing range of organizations
  • IO contributions to the wider development of international law

 OXIO will be freely available from launch until 30th June 2018, after which time it will be available as a subscription, either on a standalone basis or as part of Oxford Public International Law.

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