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iCourts working paper no. 50 published

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The Centre of Excellence for International Courts (iCourts) has published its 50th working paper.

You can access all 50 working papers here.

Working paper number 50: “EU Law Classics in the Making: Methodological Notes on Grands Arrêts at the European Court of Justice” was written by professor Antoine Vauchez of Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and permanent visiting professor to iCourts. The abstract reads:

To a large extent, EU law is a history made of many judicial stories. And yet, after decades of exegesis, we still know surprisingly little about these grands arrêts that “shaped” EU law as we know it. As a result of the continuous efforts to aggregate and index them, Europe’s founding decisions have turned into a rather simplified set of principles: Van Gend en Loos equals “direct effect”, Costa means “supremacy”, Defrennes is “non-discrimination”, etc. This paper suggests that it is time to retrieve these landmark cases as historically and socially complex “moments” that cannot be reduced to mere steps in a developmentalist narrative, and provide a thick description of the social fabric through which they were elevated into turning points of Europe’s legal, economic and political integration.

The full paper can be accessed here.

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