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Council of Europe Report on Human Rights and Business

16/10/2010 – 12:03 pm | One Comment

Council of Europe has recently published a report on human rights and business. It was prepared by rapporteur Mr Holger Haibach. Here is the summary:

With globalisation, large multinational companies have faced charges that they are violating human rights, especially in developing countries: child labour in the textile industry, environmental disasters caused by the oil industry, or breaches of the right to privacy by telecommunication companies are …

In Memoriam: Louis Henkin

15/10/2010 – 7:01 am | One Comment

According to the report of the American Society of International law, a well-known scholar of international law, Professor Louis Henkin, has just passed away. It is more so sad for me as I agreed to write on Henkin’s work in the series called the Alumni of the Invisible International College that the International law Observer will soon start posting on.  I familarised myself more with his great work with which …

UN landmark decision: right to water and sanitation is legally binding

14/10/2010 – 9:16 am | 2 Comments

At its last session, the UN Human Rights Council affirmed that the right to water and sanitation is legally binding: “The human right to safe drinking water and sanitation is derived from the right to an adequate standard of living and inextricably related to the right to the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health, as well as the right to life and human …

Functional Immunity for Defence Counsel

10/10/2010 – 12:37 pm | Comments Off on Functional Immunity for Defence Counsel

On 6 October 2010 the ICTR Appeals Chamber  released its decision on the request of Aloys Ntabakuze regarding the arrest of his lead counsel, Peter Erlinder. Erlinder was arrested on 28 May 2010 in Kigali, Rwanda, on charges of ‘genocide denial’. At the time of arrest Erlinder was in Rwanda on reasons unrelated to his work as Counsel at the ICTR.
On the 15th of June …

Measures for the Enforceability of State Obligations under the ICCPR: The Case of Israel

08/10/2010 – 10:24 am | Comments Off on Measures for the Enforceability of State Obligations under the ICCPR: The Case of Israel

In mid July 20210, Israel underwent its third periodic review by the Human Rights Committee as a State party to the ICCPR. As in previous reviews, one of the main issues that came up in Israel’s reporting to the Human Rights Committee is the fact that Israel continues to refuse the application of the Covenant in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT). During this session too, Israel …

UN Reports on Israel Highlight a Manifest Culture of Impunity

08/10/2010 – 9:50 am | Comments Off on UN Reports on Israel Highlight a Manifest Culture of Impunity

On 21st and 22nd September, 2010, respectively, two reports were issued by two separate but circumstantially related missions appointed and mandated by the Human Rights Council to investigate violations of international law in the context of the Palestine-Israel conflict. The reports were submitted in the course of the Council’s 15th session, which recently took place in Geneva.
The first report, submitted to the Council on 21 …